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Specializing in pure and filtered air for your safety today

Aura  detects  indoor  and  outdoor  air  quality  based  on  real-time monitoring  through  an  array  of  smart  sensors. A  unique  air  quality  assistant  that  personalizes  the  Aura  device precisely  to  the  end-user  needs  and  health  necessities.  After completing  the  questionnaire,  the  Aura  device  will  take  action  and provide  relevant  recommendations,  customizing  the  device  based  on the  end-user  personal  profile.

Aura  filters  and  disinfects  air  through  4  unique  stages:

The  pre-filter  filters  large  particles  of  dust,  pollen,  insects,  animal hair  and  other  large  particles. The  Ray  Filter: Our  patented  filter. The  Ray  filter  consists  of  three  parts: HEPA  -  99.98%  effective  particle  filter  of  0.3  microns. Carbon  layer-  absorbs  VOC's  and  bad  odors. Smart  Copper  Fabric  -  a  smart  fabric  consisting  of  a  copper  layer  filter  that  filters viruses,  bacteria,  and  more. You can download the lab test here  and The user manual can be download here

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Protect your home and family

Complete monitoring air system for your family and home. Protect your loved ones and pets

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Hospitals and surgeries

Medical workplaces, dentists, surgeries keep them germ and virus free .This  device  targets  and  disinfects  99.9%  of  viruses,  bacteria,  mold,  and VOCs.  It  removes  gasses  and  captures  99.9%  of  airborne  particles  as small  as  0.3  microns,  including  allergens

home aura air

Protect your customers and work environment

Complete monitoring air system for your buses and coaches. Aura Air not only Monitors the air to alert staff and passengers of high particulate levels, but when it extracts these droplets out of the air, it performs a unique triple attack on the virus - UV-C light, a patented Copper impregnated HEPA Filter and lastly, the patented Sterionizer, which sends positive and negative ions into the air, breaking down the protein structure of viruses and bacteria rendering them harmless

home aura air

Protect yourself even outside

Complete monitoring air system to keep you safe wherever you go at any time

home aura air

Protect yourself wherever you are

Complete monitoring air system for home travel, work area, café bars

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