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XEO uses DisplayLink technology which is the pioneer of network display technology that creates simple connections between computers and multiple monitors – via USB, making the benefits of expanded visual workspace available to everyone. Their patent-pending technology allows for high resolution, full 32-bit color graphics playback from just about any PC on up to six monitors of just about any shape and size.

DisplayLink software is installed on your PC and uses the CPU and GPU to automatically process and interpret the graphical commands from the operating system.
The graphics are compressed using the unique DisplayLink adaptive technology that automatically balances compression methods based on the content, available CPU power, and USB bandwidth. Compressed data packets are sent over the USB cable as quickly as possible to keep a very interactive user experience.
A high speed DisplayLink chip embedded in the monitor, docking station, or adapter decodes the compressed data back into video or graphics data.

Studies conducted on multimonitor computing have reported productivity gains of 9 to 42 percent. Compared to single-monitor users, dual-monitor users performed more work in less time with fewer errors. Simply put, people are able to work more efficiently, and accurately, when they have more information in view.


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