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What is Multi-Display for the PC ? It's adding one or several extra monitors to your computer. These displays can be computer monitors, a projector, or even a TV screen. You’d be amazed at how much it simplifies your computing experience. It helps you organize your workspace and do more things at one time. Studies show that there is an increase in productivity of 12 % and up to 50 % when copy/paste functions are utilized. People who have experienced multiple display setups can no longer go back to a single screen. True powerful multi-tasking is not conceivable with only one screen.Numerous applications and various user profiles can be found. Multi-monitors not only makes your life easier but can considerably enhance your productivity and efficiency: Medicine, Natural sciences, Accountancy, Legal professions, Liberal professions, Aviation, Transport, CAM CAD, Designers, Programmers, Power Bloggers,Photo Enthusiast,Entertainment lovers ....