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History and Milestones

February 1997:
Xeo Corporation is launched in Boston USA, in anticipation of the perceived growth of the use of writable CDs. The co founders Steven Harris and Adrian Garulay are committed to pitching their products at the leading edge of technological progression and to producing products only of the very highest standard. The first 2X CDs are produced in the Pennsylvania factory.

A European Office is established in Frankfurt, Germany to co-ordinate European marketing efforts for the launch of the Xeo Elite CD-R. Based on gold and cyanine dye technology the CDs are manufactured in USA and Israël.

The Xeo Elite CD-R is shipping in ever increasing quantities. The Xeo Silver Master CD-R, based on the SCS technology "Silver Coating System", appears on the markets. This new CD-R offers stronger performance over the gold technology. Xeo experiments with Platinum base CD-R.

The Xeo CD Guard is developed. A thin transparent film offering 100 % laser readability, it protects CDs (i.e. Music CDs, DVDs, Playstation CDs, etc) shielding them from scratches and permanent damage. The 80 min replaces the 74 min. Xeo launches the CopyMate stand alone 4x CD Duplicator. No computer is needed.

Head Office is moved to St Gallen, Switzerland. The XEO Corporation is renamed XEO TECHNOLOGIES.

Xeo launches the first ever 100 minutes CD-R. The CD allows you to download DivX films from the internet with higher image quality and thus avoiding using two CDs to burn a film.

XEO teams up with the US/UK Research and Development firm DisplayLink to produce USB graphic adapters for Display Networking.


New Product: Monitor Plus