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  Xeo is an established brand in many major European countries.

In France, XEO products are distributed through and can be found on major online shops such as FNAC, Surcouf, Auchan, Carrefour,

You can purchase our products at Grosbill ( Auchan Group)

You can purchase our XEO products from

You can purchase our products at Carrefour

In FRANCE you can purchase our products from

In BELGIUM you can purchase directly from

In SWITZERLAND you can purchase directly from

You can purchase our products by Unidees, specialist for small to medium size companies, liberal professions, administrations and collectivities

XEO Top Quality recordable media
Excellent prices and fast delivery from Tintenprofi out of Switzerland !

In Italy you can purchase from Prezzitop

In Germany at Microtrend and PC-Spezialist stores, in Austria at MediaMarkt. Our distributor in Germany is COS AG.

Contact COS

In the UK our distributor is DVD TECHNOLOGY.

Contact DVD Technology

In Spain, Xeo products will be found in PC BOX and Eroski chain stores,
in Carrefour, Conforama and Media Markt.

In Norway, Xeo products can be found in Binders shops.

If you are interested in selling XEO Products or wish to partner with us please do get in contact at : info[at]


New Product: Monitor Plus